Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hello friends and family we pray that everyone is doing well and loving life. We are all doing fabulous out here in Deer Park. The girls are all doing great. Kiera got a part in the play she is going to be a Bee, she is more than excited and now it sounds like I have a bunch of bee's in my house cause all the girls are helping her practice.

Tessa's third birthday was a lot of fun. She loved all the presents she got and I think David and Daniel are playing with them as much as she is.
Tonight we are all going to get pumpkins and maybe a corn maze. We will see how much time we have. I will have more pictures later.


KathyB. said...

Congratulations Kiera ! Buzz buzz ! Hey little Miss, remember helping Grandpa with the bees ? You should do very well being a bee !

Wow, aren't you all ambitious, a maze ! Pictures, pictures !love, Grandma

Wingmaster said...

Wow, EVERYONE's blogging these days. Pretty soon, we can cancel house-church and just sit around reading each other's blogs ;-) Just kidding! I agree with Grandma B., though... Pictures, Pictures, Pictures.

A. Joy said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Love the comment left by wingmaster! Blog church!
Sure would save on gas but then we'd miss out on great food. I can just see us all posting photos of the food dish we prepared for our church gathering and meeting via the computer. ha ha.
~ hey guys - let us know how the play goes and take lots of pics of the little bee in her acting debut!