Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hello everyone I'm truly sorry for not getting to this any sooner, but as I'm sure you can imagine its been a little crazy around here. We are all starting to get in a groove now.

They all got here safe and sound and the girls are very happy to have they're own room, right across the hall from they're daddy. All of the rest of their stuff arrived the other day so they are completely out of California. (Thank You God and to all of you that helped so much and for all the prayers.)

It was very easy for David to get health insurance for all of them so that is taken care of and Jenna met their doctor and liked her very much. I think all the stickers she got and the fact that she didn't get a shot helped.

The girls are in school now and they love it.Tessa is a little mad that she isn't going yet. But she loves to walk to the school bus and get her older sisters on the bus or go and wait for them to get off the bus.

We have done a bit of remodeling and everyone fits. We were able to clean out the garage to make room for all of Davids stuff so he doesn't have to pay for a storage unit. One less bill a.

David is getting plenty of job offers and a lot of Daniels clients are helping as well, with ride along with the police department. There is even a bread factory that is union that will take him right away. But at least he has a chance to choose what he wants and spend some fun stress free time with his girls.

But of coarse I can't forget this it's very important. As most men know it is opening weekend for hunting season and Daniel and Davids dad(Jim) and my dad(Gary) are here. For some well over do time for David to go hunting with his family.

Now before I get to the good stuff everyone has been asking what they can do to help. Well the girls want to take ballet and karate so whatever we sell from our website goes to the girls taking those lessons. Now you can get stuff for your own house or a lot of people have been buying food from the site and just sending it to us. But we have plenty of food and clothes and house hold items. You can get everything from house hold cleaning to laundry care to vitamins and food. So if you would just like to purchase stuff for yourself. All the benefits will go to the girls. If you have any questions our e-mail for friends and family is

Well David is doing great lets get to the good stuff. The girls!


Thom said...

Surprise, we do read your site.
We are really proud of you two for taking care of David and the girls.
There will be some life long memories made in your home!
Love Uncle Thom, and Aunt JOJO

KathyB. said...

Great blog post Breezy ! I love you so much and it makes me cry with joy to read your words and see pictures of all of you. You are such a blessing and encouragement to me Breezy, and don't you forget it ! love, Mom B.