Monday, August 25, 2008

This is our first blog can you believe that Kathy my mother-in law is the one who suggested this. Here we are in our thirty's and Dan's mom is more computer savy. We learn stuff every day. I have had a lot of fun creating this with Kathy's help, and hope it will help us keep in touch with a lot of our family.
Well here is a little update about how Mr. Burnson and I are doing. Everything is great on the home front. We are building our business's very strong and having so much fun doing it. We are helping people get excited about their future everyday and in return we are getting even more excited then they are.
We had a little challenge with our BurnyGirl the other day. She had gotten a twisted gut and almost died but the vet's in Deer Park saved her life, they just took out her stomach and untwisted it and then sewed it back into her, they attached it to her abdomen. She has a really cool battle wound its about a 10 inch scar. But her hair will grow back and you won't see it.( if only am I right ladies? But I'm glad also that we don't grow that much hair on our bodies. So are our husbands I'm sure.)Blink:11682Well here is a picture of her and some pix of our other kids.

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1 comment:

KathyB. said...

Hey Breezy, good job. I love the pictures...and the one of the WOOLY spotted puppy is darn cute ! love, Mom